Clinton Elementary 232 and 233

Welcome to 6th Grade!

6th grade Team:

Ashley Danoff -Math and Science               Amy Liakouras-Literacy and Social Studies

Welcome to sixth grade!  We are excited to meet all of our new students and to begin preparing them for a successful 6th grade year. Clinton School’s mission is to educate the whole child to be college and career ready and we will work diligently towards achieving that goal and that takes teamwork on all of our parts.   We will need your help in making your child successful!


We follow the Clinton Elementary Grading Scale, which is as follows:



Formative Assessments


Summative Assessments









A= 90%-100%, B= 80%-89%, C= 70%-79%, D= 60%-69%, F=59% and below

Materials Needed for Success

  • All subjects will need the following supplies:
    • 1 package of 36 pencils, 1 package of black or blue pens, 1 package of red pens, 1 package of multicolored highlighters, post-its, mini-stapler with staples, scissors, 2 glue sticks, markers, and/or colored pencils, 1 ream of copy paper, 2 paper towels,  2 bottles of hand sanitizer, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 2 packages of Antibacterial Wipes to clean surfaces, loose-leaf paper.
  • Science: 1 notebook for labs, pencils, erasers
  • Math: 1 notebooks for Daily warm-ups and class notes, loose-leaf paper for homework, pencils, erasers, access to a calculator at home
  • Literacy:  3 notebooks, 3 folders, black or blue pens, pencils, a package of red pens
  • Social Studies:  1 notebook, 1 folder


Curriculum Overview

Literacy Curriculum Overview:

We will start the year assessing students’ reading levels using various assessments.  We will read high-quality complex texts from a variety of genres and explore these texts through literature circles, which are student-based collaborative discussions of themes and literary concepts that are aligned to the Common Core.

In writing, we will be utilizing Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop model to teach students to write a variety of genres that will align closely with our literature units. Students will continue to grow as writers and publish several pieces of writing throughout the school year.

Social Studies Curriculum Overview: 

This year we will explore the ancient civilizations and learn how people lived and evolved from hunters and gatherers to modern man.  We will be completing projects to help us explore and learn about the various civilizations and even take a field trip to extend our knowledge on these amazing civilizations.

Math Curriculum Overview: 

We will start the year by assessing students’ current mastery of basic skills.  We will review major fifth grade concepts before delving into sixth grade number sense. From there, we will explore ratios and proportional relationships, expression and equations, geometry and statistics. 

In our mathematics classroom, you can expect to see many real-world problems that will need to be solved in groups.  We will also work in stations so that the teacher can work one-on-one with students depending on what skills they need to develop.

Science Curriculum Overview: 

We will start the year with an exploration of soils and how they are important to our everyday life.  We will then move to Rocks and Minerals, Erosion and Deposition, Plate Tectonics, Weather and Atmosphere, and Space.  All of our science learning will be group lab-based, and we will also use many literacy techniques to master content.

Online Learning Expectations


In 6th grade, all students are expected to utilize Online Learning independently.  There will be limited opportunities to use these very important tools during the school day, so students should be signing on at home and completing assignments.  As a school, we are fortunate to have invested in such great resources that allow teachers to assign students work based in their individual needs.  We will provide a completion report during parent-teacher conferences and discuss the progress of each student.


Math: 2000 points gained on Khan Academy per week, IXL assignments


Reading: IXL, NewsELA and Quizlet will be assigned on a weekly basis.

We look forward to having a lot of fun while we learn this year! heart